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The building offers a gross covered area of 6,000 square meters in two main sections, the Stazione Leopolda proper and the new Alcatraz section.

The Stazione Leopolda is practically a single "room" beneath a metal roof divided into two 15 meter wide sections that are 140 and 100 meters long, respectively; ceiling height averages 7.5 meters and at the end point it exceeds 12 meters. The 1,100 square meter forecourt outside the building was remodeled by Gae Aulenti in 1996.

The Alcatraz section is a former warehouse, annexed to the station. It is a two-story building with roughly 1,500 square meters of floor space. The ground floor comprises a central portion of 500 sq. meters that leads to a series of rooms - each with windows - totaling 280 sq. m.. The two upper levels comprise a rectangular gallery - 250 sq. m. per story characterized by prefabricated reinforced concrete shelving once used to store hardware. On the first floor, in addition to the gallery there are rooms - with windows like those on the ground floor - totaling 280 square meters. The Stazione Leopolda is equipped with all the essential - and most modern - fair-exhibition facilities and its expert staff can satisfy any technical and organizational needs.

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FORECOURT Total surface: 1.100 sq. M mappa piazzale The entrance courtyard Restructured by gae aulenti in 1996, Completely paved in pietra serena and characterized by Columns and iron trusses.

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AREA 1 Length 140 m x width 15 m
Average height: 7,50 m
Total surface: 2100 sq. M.
mappa area 1 This is the longest of the three areas. The average height is 7.5 m., excluding the final part (40 m. Long) where the height reaches 12.5 m. The total surface area is 2,100 sq. M.. There are 3 skylights on the roof.

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AREA 2 Length 100 m x width 15 m
Average height: 7,50 m
Total surface: 1.500 sq. M.
mappa area 2 Separated from area 1 by scaffolding consisting of pipes and wire mesh, the average height is 7.5 m. And the total surface area is 1,500 sq. M. There are 2 skylights on the roof.

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AREA 3 Average height: 7,50 m
Total surface: 550 sq. M.
mappa area 3 This is divided into zones of different sizes (68 sq. M., 104 sq. M., 176 sq. M. And 204 sq. M.) And is separated from area 2 by a wall pierced by a series of broad arches.

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ALCATRAZ Total surface: about 1.560 sq. M. mappa alcatraz Alcatraz is the name of a former three-story warehouse adjacent to the stazione leopolda, that extends over an area of roughly 1,560 m2. The ground floor comprises a central area of 500 m2 that opens onto a 280 m2 series of rooms with windows. Each of the two upper floors has a rectangular gallery of about 250 m2. The first floor has an additional 280 m2 of rooms, with windows.
The sides of the roof consist of reinforced concrete, while the central portion of opaque and transparent panels is sustained by steel trusses.

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