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The Stazione Leopolda in Florence is a huge and impressive structure, and the only one of its kind in Italy that hosts events related to contemporary culture and creativity.

Stazione Leopolda srl is the company that organizes and sponsors the activities and business of the Stazione Leopolda. The management program plans on developing the site's huge potential for presenting the most innovative and high quality creative events.

Stazione Leopolda srl was founded by Pitti Immagine srl - the corporation that organizes the world's most important fashion-oriented trade fairs. Its aim is to apply its widely acknowledged planning and operational abilities, as well as the huge range of important contacts it has with corporations, institutions and individuals throughout the world that are involved in cultural research to this new entity.

Stazione Leopolda srl's activities target a large and modern audience in different ways: through exhibitions, entertainment, television sets, gala evenings, fairs, fashion shows, product and service presentations, cultural festivals and corporate meetings.

The Stazione Leopolda is a facility with original physical features and a strong architectural identity. It is a "piece" of industrial architecture that was recently opened to the public, similarly to what is happening in big, post-industrial cities throughout Europe and North America. It is a versatile structure thanks to its functional flexibility and also to its ability to harmonize with the different languages and atmospheres of the contemporary scene.

The Stazione Leopolda is, or rather, was a real railroad station. It was built in 1848 (and is a protected site because of its historic-artistic merits). It is located at Porta al Prato, not far from the Parco delle Cascine, right on the city's wide boulevards and less than one kilometer, as the crow flies from, the historic center of Florence.